PA Girl Strikes Oil in Texas Real Estate

    PA Girl Strikes Oil in Texas Real Estate

    Mari Montgomery, Broker/Owner of Mari Realty, was not born and raised in Texas, but she got there as fast as she could.

    Unfazed by one of the biggest recessions in American history, Mari decided to pursue her lifelong dream of being in the Real Estate Business in August 2008.

    Although Mari was new to this small town in Texas where it is not unusual to be “considered an outsider” at best, and with a mere two prospects on her prospect list, Mari catapulted her career with grit, determination, stamina and above all passion for the  business she’s always loved into becoming the number one Agent in Walker County by 2012.

    “Becoming number one was difficult, but remaining number 1 is the real challenge.”

    Mari’s fresh new ideas and way of thinking definitely made an impact in her market.  When asked if she noticed the landscape change in her market since arriving on the scene in 2008, Mari responded:

    “If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then I have been very flattered throughout my career in Real Estate.”

    Mari credits her staying power with one simple mission: “to serve our clients with purpose, passion and integrity so that they are excited about referring Mari Realty for years to come.”

     Knowing that talk is cheap, Mari always likes to provide documentation from the Houston MLS (Multiple Listing Service) for transparency.

    In the following screenshots it is obvious that Mari knows a thing or two about selling houses, and when it comes to obtaining listings, Mari tells her clients “I am not interested in putting a sign in your yard, I am interested in getting it SOLD!

    With that philosophy,

    Mari has sold more listings than any other agent in Walker county in 2014, 2015 and 2016

    SO, how about those numbers?







    Her success has not gone unnoticed.  Enter, Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank

    Most recently Mari has been honored to have won the endorsement of one of the best in the business, Barbara Corcoran of “Shark Tank” fame.

    Mari traveled to New York City in November, 2017 to film a new commercial which will air in Walker and Montgomery Counties alongside the real estate mogul. She has successfully managed to secure a top position amongst agents around the country to have an endorsement by Corcoran.

    Much like Barbara, both can lay claim to big things coming out of small beginnings. Corcoran turned a $1,000 loan into a business empire. Similarly, Mari has learned to grow from her humble beginnings, starting a real estate business with odds stacked against her, including a mere 2 people on her prospect list (one being her Realtor), starting in the middle of one of the worst recessions in American history PLUS being a Yankee settling into a small East TX town with no experience in Real Estate.  All of that said, Mari was confident it would work because as she says:

    “I will MAKE it work.”

    With nothing to fall back on, leaving a full time job as a Choral Director at the local High School and her husband freelancing as an expert witness/consultant with no steady income, there was NO choice but to succeed.

    No one was convinced of Mari’s future success except for Mari.  “I always imagined myself as the #1 Agent in Walker County,” and in less than 4 years, it happened.

    “You MUST visualize success to make success happen.”

    Mari’s Master of Music degree and artistic background as a professional singer is central to her creative marketing strategies and staging ideas to sell homes faster and for top dollar.

    She’s also well known in the area for singing her company’s jingle on the local radio station, an “ear worm” that so many just can’t get out of their heads!

    Mari has always admired and respected Barbara Corcoran for her business acumen and no-nonsense style.  So Mari made sure that when Ms Corcoran was within travel range , she went to see her and took her team along.

    Mari identifies with Barbara, and securing her endorsement is a true dream and honor for herself and her business.

    Other honors bestowed on Mari and her business include:

    Named in the TOP 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL Real Estate Agents in TX 2016

    Named in the TOP 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL Real Estate Agents in TX 2017

    2016 Readers Choice Award– BEST Real Estate Company

    2016 Readers Choice Award– BEST Realtor

    Voted BEST REAL ESTATE COMPANY in Walker County 2014 (Mari Realty – Best in the Business Award)

    Voted BEST REALTOR in Walker County 2015

    One of America’s Top 1,000 Real Estate Professionals/Real Trends

    Texas 5-STAR Real Estate Professional as selected by client reviews/ featured in TEXAS MONTHLY magazine (2012 – 2017)

    TOP AGENT Magazine featured Article / National Edition July, 2012

    TOP AGENT Magazine HOUSTON REGION COVER AGENT and Featured Article December 2012

    2014 Best of Trulia Top Agent Award

    2014 voted BEST REAL ESTATE COMPANY in Walker County

    2010 Winner of the QSC Best in the Business Award in N America based on client reviews

    2009 Winner — Best Realtor in Walker County

    When asked how she feels about all of the recent attention and accolades, she responded,

    “It takes years to become an ‘overnight’ success.”

    Mari and her team look forward to opening an additional Mari Realty office in Montgomery TX in January 2018, expanding her territory into the Lake Conroe, Conroe and Montgomery areas.  And, an additional and cool “fun fact,” Montgomery County is named for her father-in-law’s great grandfather.

    Come see us in Huntsville at 1515 13th ST or in Montgomery at 21123 Eva St Suite 220D or call 936-291-8800 or visit

    We are looking forward to getting it SOLD! for you.




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