HELP—It’s a Cloaked Twitter Attack!!

    Fri. October 5, 2012 at 12:21 PM

    A Face and a Book....hmmmmlooks like a blue bird tweetingQUESTION:  Would You Build a Successful Business and Then Allow a Random Person with NO Vested Interest Have Access to the “RED” Button?

         finger on the proverbial button

    The RED Button meaning the figurative switch that could be detonated and destroy everything you’ve built.  (That would be dependent only if you believe if “you built it” or not)  

    Here is the simple truth in bottom line format:

    Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets are relatively VERY new on our landscape.  Let’s face it, mainstream internet was “dial-up” and “pay per minute”  as recently as the late 90’s.  Most successful business owners (certainly not all) were likely to have been born PRIOR to the late nineties—- making the chance that they had “toddler laptops” with wifi access “slim to none” at best. 

    One of the main tenants of business followed by a successful business person is the necessity to delegate.  Business Owners may start out as the Lone Ranger, but in order to grow and expand, the business owner simply CANNOT do everything alone.

    Human nature says:  delegate based on what you don’t want to do. 

    Let’s look at a hypothetical example:  A 50-something business-person, born say in 1956, has been around
    the internet for 1/4 of her life and around mainstream social media for less than 1% of her lifetime.

    In CONTRAST, a 20 year old, born in 1992, has been around the the internet internet for 100% of her lifetime and has been around mainstream social media for about 1/4 of her life.

    Would you think the probability of the 50-something business person delegating or “outsourcing” social media duties would be high or low?! 

    We live in an age that we don’t yet understand the gravity of an “online reputation,” yet here we are playing “fast and loose” with it. 

    Seriously, should we really be making the uninformed decision to trust our online reputation  to someone with NOTHING TO LOSE except the independent contractor job to build us up or destroy us with 140 keystrokes on twitter or up to 60,000 keystrokes on Facebook?!

    So, here is what happened to “Kitchen Aid” corporation during the presidential debate the other night:

    “To be or not to be ONLINE” in social media—–THAT is the question, Hamlet.

    Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to suffer
    The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune Tweets and Posts,

    Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles followers,

    And by opposing end them: to die ONLINE—–aaaahh

    THAT is the question

    ….or, maybe the answer.

    Source: Mari Realty Personal Notes

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